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This is an unreleased product and is estimated to ship in the second quarter of 2023. 

WTF is this game?

It's a dark humor trivia game for everybody. Whether you're dumb or smart, there are questions for you. From super hard questions to super easy questions, battle your friends to have the highest IQ to win! There are even group questions!

WTF do you do? 

You and your friends compete to have the highest IQ score by answering different types of trivia cards.

WTF can happen? 

Well, you answer questions, riddles, and many other types of cards to gain more IQ points. You can gamble and risk losing points to gain even more. You also compete in group questions to answer correctly first to take the points for yourself!

WTF is included? 

200 awesome cards along with a rule card, 30-second sand-timer, and shit like that.

Trivia for literally anyone.

10 Percent of Your Brain is a cool, 200-card dark humor trivia game we made. It has questions for everyone - smart or dumb! There are also riddles and competitive questions where all of the players compete to win points. Earn the most IQ points by the end of the game to win!

Tell Tom he is an idiot for not knowing the answer to that one question. Karen, don't correct people if they get the question right. Kyle, go home. You're a douche, and nobody wanted you to come to the party anyway.

You can expect questions like:

What is 1 + 1? Who knows!

What is the fear of an erect penis? You tell us!

Ejaculating on another person's face is generally called a what? Ask your mom; she knows - trust me.

The Creator's Journey - Part 2

A true underdog story about the creator of 10% of Your Brain and his journey.

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