10% of Your Brain - Base Set - PRE-ORDER
10% of Your Brain - Base Set - PRE-ORDER

10% of Your Brain - Base Set - PRE-ORDER

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This is an unreleased product and is estimated to ship in the second quarter of 2024.

WTF is this game? 

It is a family-friendly trivia game for everyone (with an NSFW expansion available!) Whether you're dumb or smart, there are questions for you. From super hard questions to super easy questions, battle your friends to have the highest IQ to win! There are even group questions!

WTF do you do? 

You and your friends compete for the highest IQ score by answering different trivia cards.

WTF can happen? 

You answer questions, riddles, and many other types of cards.  You also compete in group questions to answer correctly to take the card! The player with the most cards wins at the end!

WTF is included? 

160 awesome trivia cards!

WTF, where is the dark humor?

We have packaged an NSFW separately to make the 10% of Your Brain base set family-friendly!

  • A disgruntled employee will put your purchase in a box.
  • A disgruntled employee at a shipping company will put it on a truck.
  • We will be disgruntled wondering if it will arrive on time.

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